The Lonely Cricket

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Check out our short stop motion animation appeal video to potential rescuers of the lonely little cricket. If you’d like to provide a forever home for this vape pen then please get in touch via

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Post Expo: Product Earth….

2017’s Product Earth Expo was a roaring success, especially for us! We got to chat to loads of lovely people, old and new customers and our stand was rammed full all day.

Here are a few photo’s we took when we had the chance, if you’ve got any pics of the weekend please feel free to share especially if you’ve managed to capture our staff or stand!





Product Earth Expo

Coming soon to Birmingham is the Product Earth Expo – 2nd & 3rd September 

We are exhibiting and will have examples of lots of our lovely oil extraction equipment. There’ll be chance to speak to our team, including Sam who is the fella with the gift of the gab and Al with lots of technical expertise.

Three great things can happen that weekend;

  1. Talk to us
  2. See the equipment
  3. Buy stuff!

If you don’t know the difference between the closed loop and safe blast or open blast systems then this is your chance to see our products up close and the team can walk you through how easy they are to use and discuss the differences between each system.

We’ll have the vacuum lab ovens, pumps, chambers, blasting equipment and more on display. Most of our equipment is centred around extracting essential health oils (or botanical honey oil) from various plants. We also stock a nice range of vape pens / e-cigarettes so you can vapourise the extracted oils which makes for great aromatherapy.


If you’re going to Product Earth make sure to come over and say hi; we’re located on stand A34 as you can see from the arrow we’ve put on the hall layout >

Our friends from Mary’s Seeds will be joining us on the stand as well.

Vape pen comparison

We now have lots of vape pens in stock and have the specs and descriptions on our website.

Instead of reading through all of the pages of descriptions you can just download our Vape pen comparison chart. It’s got a brief overview of the tech specs including the current price.*

*for the most up to date pricing please visit our website.

Introductory offer, vape pen cleaning kit

FREE when you buy any of our vape pens, including the budget XVAPE Cricket.

Our new Iso cleaning kit; great for vape pens the kit includes a 30ml bottle of Iso Propyl Alcohol (ISO), pointed swabs & a microfibre cloth to keep the metal shiny.

We sell Iso Propyl Alcohol in larger bottles but that’s a bit cumbersome for those who only use it to clean their vape pens etc. This handy kit is perfect for travel or just to keep and use around the home or office. It’s nice and discreet and will keep your vape pens in tip top condition.

The introductory price for this kit is £4.99 (£6.99 RRP) 

Available to all customers, while stocks last.

Just add any vape pen and the kit to your basket to take advantage of the offer.

Check it out

XMAX V2 Max Pro

The V2 Max Pro is an all in one vapouriser that can be used with dry herbs and wax.

The fully ceramic heating chamber ensures the vapour will be even and you won’t get trouble with hot spots. The five temperature settings allow you to adjust the heat to whatever you prefer.

It’s pretty fast to heat up meaning you won’t be waiting ages for a pull of vapourised essential oil. It can hold up to 0.5 grams of whatever dry herb takes your fancy for example, lavender, mint and chamomile can be used.

The battery is powerful and can reach up to 2600mah which is excellent for a e-cig of this size but better than that, it’s replaceable as well. You can carry a spare battery if you may get caught without charge or mains power or if it starts wearing down with a lot of use you can replace with a brand new one.

The main body of the pen is cased in aluminium which makes it a durable device as well as being nice and portable.

Buy one now for £121.82*


*Price valid at time of email creation.


Uses for a vacuum chamber

Obviously our favourite is to extract essential health oils from plant material but there are a lot of other things our chambers can be used for.

These include the following:

  1. Making the perfect cup of tea. 
    • According to Drew Prindle (2014) a company called Bkon uses vacuum chambers to make the perfect cuppa! Check out for more information.
  2. Model making / Casting
    • When using Silicone or Resin to make casts etc you need to be able to remove the air bubbles so it’s as smooth as it can be.
  3. Simulating space environment
    • Helpful when testing products that will be used in outer space to make sure they’re tough enough to withstand the effects of a vacuum.
  4. Dehydrating / freeze drying fruit
    • Freeze the food beforehand and then use a vacuum to remove air and moisture as set out on’s website.


  1. 1.
    a space entirely devoid of matter.
    synonyms: empty space





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  2. (4) Sarah Tomm,

Electric Rosin Press

Unlike most presses this model is an all-in-one, there’s no faffing around attaching compressors (or buying them!) and no fiddling with extra piping.

Electric Rosin Press

Electric Rosin Press

Just unbox, plug into the mains and you’re ready to go. Stick some non-absorbent paper onto the plates, followed by your plant material and another layer of the paper. Basically create a paper/plant sandwich! 

The dual touchscreen LCD controls allow you to heat up each plate individually. This press has a whopping down force of 20 tonnes which is plenty for herbs, flowers, tea leaves and more.

The plates are removable and very durable so this press will last you a long time.

Shop now and satisfy your pressing needs 🙂

What oils can be vaped?

So many essential or botanical health oils (BHO) have loads of health benefits. You can pop a few drops in a bath and soak up the goodness, apply straight to your skin or vapourise them and inhale direct to your lungs.

Our favourite plant to extract oil from is lavender, it’s what we use in all of our demonstration videos. Lavender, apart from smelling nice, is a great plant with lovely purple flowers.



Oil extracted from it has been known to improve your sleep, circulation, digesting system and is good at keeping people calm as well.

Rose & Jasmine oil  can help with inflammation, depression, constipation and your nerves.

Thyme is useful for killing bacteria, removing toxins and helping with coughs, colds and heart issues. Eucalyptus has benefits relating to diabetes, dental, skin and breathing problems. Where as Chamomile can calm spasms and reduce infections and inflammation.

Using natural alternatives for your health problems probably won’t cure you but it may help a little.



Our favourite method of using essential oils is to inhale them via a vape pen / e-cig, which is lucky as we sell them via our website!

Vaping – what is it?

The ‘BHO’ in our name, BHO Hardware, stands for Botanical Health Oils. More commonly known as essential oils which are extracted from plants. Most of our equipment allows you to extract these oils from your chosen plant material but we also sell a range of vape pens which allow you to inhale the extracted oil.

XMAX Stark

XMAX Stark

There are many ways to use essential oils, they can be ingested by adding them to food or taking in tablet form and they can be absorbed directly via the skin or via soaking in the bath. You can also gain the oils benefits by vapourising them and inhaling the vapour. Using the vape method means you should feel the benefits much quicker than the more traditional methods. Vapourisers give off clean vapours via the lungs which creates the faster effect.

Essential oils aren’t sold in huge containers and you may only be able to extract a little bit yourself, but don’t worry as oil is heavily concentrated so you only need a couple of drops. Overdoing the oil levels can lead to burning it instead of vapourising, as this is the case it’s best to start off with one drop and then go up to two if required. Another issue can be the heat, a lot of vaping devices allow you to alter the heat settings so you can put it to a lower setting initially. You can always increase the temperature but this way you lessen the risk of burning off those oils.

Our range of ‘Lifestyle Products’ are up for sale on our website where we sell the kits as well as spare parts. Prices start from £29.99 for the X Vape Cricket and go up to £240 for the all singing all dancing Vista.

V-ONE vape pen

V-ONE Vape Pen kit